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Trans King provide our clients with well-known and popular brands like JCB and varieties of equipment for hire. In addition, we offer our customers a variety of specialized customized equipment that cannot be found with other suppliers of rental equipment. Our clients may also enjoy viewing some of the most unique machinery and equipment that are available at our yards. Our most qualified heavy equipment operators in the industry, who has been proving their proficiency by winning competitions for operators several times over the last decade.

JCB Rental in Abu Dhabi

The JCB is now more than 60 years of age. JCB’s iconic backhoe loader is as fresh and innovative today as when it was first conceived. Since the invention of the backhoe by JCB in 1953, they have continued to innovate, pushing the boundaries and providing real solutions to customer needs. For more information on JCB loaders please contact your local dealer or call +971 55 604 2140.